Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One Extreme Or The Other

It's been a long time, but I'm back. I stopped working last year and decided to get a different job. I wanted to make my man happier by stopping "fucking people for money" as he put it.
I tried massage therapy, stripping in a club and clerical work. None of them came up to scratch financially. I was faced with a tough decision (my man found it tough too), but I decided to work for another 5 years or so and then have enough money for investment and retirement.

I guess you'll want to hear what I've been up to lately......

"So are you Dom or Sub?" this guy asked me today. It's now about the fourth time I've seen him and he always asks the same questions. "Neither really, I just like to be desired and fucked" I said, and because I was starting to get irritated with him I asked "So why do you like to fit people into one box or another?". He wasn't offended, he just said that it makes it easier for him to relate and react to people. I said that I'm just me and he should react to me as he sees me. I asked him how he sees me, he didn't know. Oh for goodness sake!....I find it so tiring when they want me to play a role without direction!

Sometimes a director does come along and it's good. One guy a few weeks ago had a schoolgirl fantasy. When he arrived (after describing exactly what he wanted me to wear) he sat down and described the whole scenario; what we would both say and do, how the dialogue and interaction would take place, what the outcome would be and how we would arrive there. I was to be the sixth former who had been caught smoking behind the bike sheds, I had been sent to (his) the Headmaster's office to be dealt with. I would deny it at first and receive punishment (gentle spanking across the palms then on the bottom with a plastic bendy ruler that he had thoughtfully brought with him) until I agreed to tell the truth. Eventually I would be asked to give him a blow job to avoid further punishment and of course I would oblige.
We did the whole thing and it was great. At the start, once he had described the scenario to me I went out of the room and came back in again in character. We both stayed in character until he came and then it was like someone said "CUT" and we both came out of character.
Now that's my idea of role-play.

This guy today... "Oh I think maybe you're slightly Sub. Have you ever done anything Dom or Sub? What happened the last time? What friends have you got that wear leather?" .... and on and on, ...whilst he's wanking of course, ...and I'm squeezing his nipples. Sometimes he forces my head down to bite or lick his nipples (yuck - hairy!), but last time it gave me a strained neck so I wont let him force me now.
I noticed today that he has grey body hair on his left side and dark hair on his right side. I think it's a manifestation of his desire to make all things either one extreme or the other.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hair pulling

I have a regular customer who likes to come and see me early in the morning. He is of retirement age although quite fit for it. He says, however, that he can only get it up in the mornings... By the afternoon there's no chance!
He likes things a little bit kinky, and one time suggested introducing some exquisite pain into our scenario...
Hmm... Now I'm not really into pain - whether it is giving or receiving it. However, I dutifully applied the wooden clothes pegs he'd brought along to his scrotum whilst trying to keep the grin off my face. ...Oh but it did look ridiculous!!

Last week I had a bit of a themed day... It was pulling of my hair.

The first was another regular who also likes it early in the morning. This one , however, is more than capable of getting his beautiful cock up several times within any hour of the day or night!

He asked me lots of questions about how I like it... Rough? Gentle? I truthfully replied that I like a bit of both in alternation.... And away we went!
He kissed me really hard and told me to stick my tongue right into his mouth. He sucked hard on it. It was strange - I've never been kissed quite like that; I think I liked it. He kissed my neck lots which I loved, and he pulled my hair, gripping it by he roots and yanking it a few times. This took my breath away a little, and was only ok because it was interspersed with gentleness. I found the experience a real turn on and quite passionate. It's not really what you do, but how you do it!

He fucked me twice in the hour and we still had time for a chat! It was then that he apologised for the love bite on my neck. I'd been aware of him kissing me there quite hard , but I was pretty carried away with it all myself! I said it was ok, still in my post orgasmic state. It was only after he left that I realised what a HUGE red hickey he'd left on me. Very bad manners. That was a week ago and I'm still applying make-up to cover it.

Later that day, I had another customer who wanted to pull my hair. This one was also quite sexy but didn't get my pulse racing quite as much as the first. Maybe I'd had a long day by then. We didn't make it upstairs but got down on my lounge rug - very immediate.
He wants to introduce me to his girlfriend for a threesome. I'm not sure if that's for real or just a fantasy... Who cares!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Market forces

How much should I charge?

It is a question I have to answer by guesswork really... Too little and I will lose some of my prestige factor or be overrun with work. Too much and I wont get enough appointments.

Up to several weeks ago I was pretty overrun with work. People just couldn't get in for an appointment with me sometimes. Very good for my ego, but plenty of them were so impressed with me that even they said that I should be charging more! So I put my prices up, above the average but not the most expensive. I now get just enough work (Spare time today, but fully booked tomorrow) and several people have decided not to visit as it is beyond their financial limits. I think I have reached my ceiling and am probably charging just enough now.

Well I can't exactly do market research can I??!

There's still one guy who I have kept my prices low for... He comes most weeks and has done for about the last 3 years since I've been working in this town. Right from the word go he mostly wanted to HUG. He doesn't have the full personal service because, frankly, his penis is too small. But he enjoys the hand relief I give (complete with fruity lube) and it's usually time to lie down and chat after the first half an hour. I find it very relaxing to lay there with him. We know each other quite well by now. We listen to music - he likes rhythm and blues. He often cheers me up, and I know I often cheer him up. Somehow we always end up talking about food!

I have only put my price up once for him since the start.... He now pays 25% less than my other customers. Sometimes quality is more important! But business sense has to prevail for the majority.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm not a scrubber

I had a customer last night who was very nervous at first. He came in with a lit cigarette when I answered the door. I asked him to get rid of it straight away. I think that's a bit rude these days - assuming that you can walk into someone's house with a lighted cigarette. Maybe he was more used to the parlour sort of place, or a working girls' flat where it's not really anyone's home.

He sat down and asked for a drink straight away. I'm not really geared up for that. Most people are happy with a glass of water to calm them down or refresh them, and they're more interested in other things! He seemed to think he was in some kind of club! I only drink herbal tea, had no chilled wine or beer. A vodka and tonic was all I had to offer him. He accepted, and then gave me a mildly hard time for not joining him... I don't drink casually on a daily basis, and I wasn't about to start for him!

He was full of questions, which were clearly due to his nervousness: Who lives here? Why do you do this? Do you have a boyfriend? Aren't some people nasty to you? Do you work in the same bed you sleep in? Do you ever finish an appointment and scrub yourself clean? Blah blah blah.... I think he's got a vivid imagination and has been watching too much TV!

Well, about the bed... I must admit that when I first started working as a prostitute I thought it would be best to work in a different bed from where I slept. Keep everything separate, therefore not subjecting my slumber time to visions of what had gone on in that room earlier. In practice, however, this is pretty impractical unless you have plenty of rooms and beds to spare. I actually found it no problem to chill out in my bedroom after working and totally feel that it was my space and it didn't feel dirty. I do now have a spare duvet, so I use one for working and a different one for snuggling up with. But that's more for the sake of freshness and hygeine than enything emotional.

And no, I have never scrubbed myself clean after an appointment. Like I said to him... If there was something that was going to make me feel like standing under a scolding hot shower and scrubbing my skin clean until it was red raw... Well, I wouldn't do it then would I? Duh!

Older men

Now I am not a girl who particularly likes older men. However, they like me!

I saw a customer the other day who was in his twenties. He was fit, energetic, adventurous and could keep it up lovely and hard for the whole hour.... Just what a girl like me needs! I said to him how nice it was to have someone so young, and he asked how old most of my visitors are.... "Mostly older men" I said.

Well yes they are mostly around 40 to 60 at a guess. But I have several visitors who are much older. I've had a couple of 82 years old. Now that's old! I suppose most women my age would say "yuck". But it's quite saddening when you talk to these men, and realise that they still have sexual desires. But they don't have a body that is attractive, either to them or to the ladies, and often it is non- co-operative (in terms of impotence). It must be very frustrating when "her indoors" is no longer interested, or has perhaps passed away, and they are left high and dry.

A little of me feels a bit guilty about taking their pension money. But I'm sure they are not the poor pensioners on State Pension and they can somehow afford to pay. And after all - my services are not essential living costs....they are optional extras!

I justify the money though, when they get up from the bed and leave behind a little momento in the form of a skidder across my duvet... Now that is "yuck!". But of course, I'm polite and don't want to cause embarassment. I pretend not to notice. We'll all be old one day, and these guys have not just payed me all that money to feel anything other than fantastic - that's my job.

I simply don't look to closely at the duvet as I get it into the washing machine at 300 degrees!

There is one older man who I see most weeks... He is almost 80. Yes he has all those old men things that I just wrote about. But he doesn't smell bad and he's quite a nice character. He also happens to have pretty good manual technique in the pussy department! Yes, I always need lube and a fertile imagination to get going with him. But he know his own penile limitations, and obliges me with the dildo of my choice. It felt strange at first to even allow myself to get turned on by someone so old and physically unattractive, but I went with it. Now I often cum for him (although he is one of those customers that are only fulfilled when they see me orgasm, so not all of the orgasms with hims are real!).

Mind you, when I think of doing it now... "yuck!".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Too good for my own good!

I have mentioned before in this blog a customer who has one of the nicest cocks I have had the pleasure of... Well, I have seen him a few more times for 2 to 3 hours and it has been hot!

I find him physically attractive, which helps, in that I easily respond well to him and am able to get quite carried away. He had mentioned our 'chemistry' in his private messages to me and I have encouraged this. Indeed there is a chemistry there, but it seems he feels it more strongly that I do...

I received another complementary message from him after his most recent visit. In it he said that he has fallen for me in a big way and can't get me off his mind. He wishes we had met years ago, but as it is, taking things further is not an option as we both have partners. He therefore wants to stop seeing me to get over me. He thinks that I am the best Working Girl he has ever seen and that he does not beleive he'll find anyone to equal the experience he has with me, and therefore I will be the last working girl he visits.

Well, what a shame... He was one of my favourites!

It was obviously a well thought out expression of his feelings and so I respected it and did not try to change his mind. I just sent a reply saying that I understood etc etc.

I guess I was too good for my own good.

It's not the first time a customer has fallen for me. There was a guy I saw for a long time who used to like to wear black silky knickers... He would get on all fours as I played around with his cock, balls and arse, and he loved it when I pulled the knickers right up the crack of his bum. It drove him wild, but before and afterwards he was so embarassed that he could enjoy such a thing. Of course I was very understanding, and told him that in actual fact it wasn't even that strange a request (He was a bit shocked to think that there could be worse things to do!).

I think he really valued my understanding attitude, and I was able to make him feel more comfortable. He didn't beleive he would ever find someone who could be as patient and understanding as me whilst still being a really sexy turn on for him. It was a shame really because his ex wife was just about the only other person he'd slept with, and she had made him feel that anything beyond missionary with the lights out was rude and disgustiong. Poor thing!

He eventually moved on. I was glas for him. I was glad for me too - things can get repetitive in this game just like they can in a relationship.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Up the bum

I had a day last week that turned out to have a bit of a theme, as they sometimes do. It was men who like things up their bum!

Now I certainly love anal sex and having a finger up my backside during sex. It gets me very hot and almost always makes me cum. In fact on this day, a regular customer of mine had three or four up there and I was just loving it. Afterwards he said "You know, I think someone has moved your clitoris and put it up your arse". Yes very funny, only I still have a clitoris in the normal place too - lucky ole me eh?!!

He liked a finger up his bum. But it was an earlier customer who really wanted it... He's quite a big bloke; quiet. He does security work of some sort and turns up before work in black trousers and white shirt.

I've seen him once before but couldn't remember what he likes until we got around to it. Because he comes across as a little nervous, after an initial embrace, I suggested a massage, he eagerly accepted and lie face down on the bed.

I gave him a massage of the back, neck, shoulders, legs and finished with some gentle strokes around the bum and backs of legs, with a bit of ball tickling. I know when they are enjoying this one because they will lift their hips and stick their bum in the air. If they do it quite enthusiastically then it's a good indication they want a bit of playing around the bum hole.

Well this guy couldn't wait to stick his bum in the air. He responded very eagerly and was practically on all fours in a minute or two. I started with a tickle, then a small finger in a little way, each time he loved it I took him a little bit further... A bigger finger next, a little deeper, then I went to 2 fingers and he was really pushing back. He's such a big guy that I had to really lean into him with all my weight.

I thought about suggesting the strap on, but thought I'd leave that till next time. It is much more phallic than a couple of fingers and I didn't want to scare him!